Selected Reviews

Dr. V. Krishna in a concert

Palghat Ramprasad started his concert brilliantly with two speed Bhairavi Ata taala varnam. … An elaborate rendition of Begada ragam with the lovely Lokavana chatura with neraval and swaram was captivating. Interestingly he asked the percussionists to present the thani at this stage, which gave the idea that an RTP is on the anvil. The intricate swara patterns for begada, enthused the Prof. Krishna on mridangam and Sri. Gururaj on morsing to present a lively thani avarthanam [Nadasurabhi, April 19, 2015].

Electrifying concert of Sriram Gangadharan at Nadasurabhi. There was an excellent accompaniment team. Percussion by Sri. V.Krishna on Mridangam and Sri. Omkar Rao on Ghatam gave a fitting support and maintained the tempo of the concert right through the concert [Whatshapp Bangalore, June 20, 2013].

Accompanied by Guruprasanna (khanjari), Prof V Krishna enthralled the audience by exposing the subtleties of the aesthetics of mridanga play. He referred and demonstrated on his mridanga the five gaits, varieties of mukthaya, nadaibedhas, korvais teermanas, korappu, solkattus etc. He also demonstrated the beauty of the introduction of  silence (karvai) in intelligent and appropriate places. He took the names of pioneers of the mridanga and khanjira play and their contribution in enriching the field of laya [Express Buzz, December 13, 2011; Narthaki, Dec 5, 2011].

The seasoned accompanists – Nalina Mohan (violin), V Krishna (mridanga) and Sukanya Ramgopal (ghata) – gave the vocalist a full measure of sustained effort [Deccan Herald, Dec 14, 2011].

In the festival there was a vocal recital also by S Soumya, who figures more frequently on the sabha stages of Bangalore. ….. Charulatha Ramanujam on violin, V Krishna on mridanga and S Shreeshyla on ghata supported well [Deccan Herald, December 13, 2011].

The festival concluded with a concert by Vidushi M S Sheela with Mysore V Srikanth (violin) and V Krishna (mridangam) [Kutcheribuzz, Nov 27, 2011].

A vocal concert by R. Surya Prakash, accompanied by Kalyani Shankar (violin), V. Krishna (mridanga) and A.V. Kashinath (khanjira), was hosted by the MES Kalavedi, Bangalore, recently. ….. Kalpana swaras in two speeds included a spell of diminishing tala cycles ending at the gandhara, with expert responses from the violinist and exemplary support from the percussionists [The Hindu, May 26, 2011].

Dr T S Satyavathi chose the compositions of Dr L Muthaiah Bhagawathar for her demonstrations. ….. Renuka Rudrapattana supported her as co-singer and V Krishna on Mridanga [Deccan Herlad, Nov. 3, 2008].

Padmabushan and Sangeetha Kalanidhi Sri T.V.Sankaranarayanan (TVS) was in great form singing for the Thyagaraja-Purandaradasa Aaradhana festival of the Girinagara Sangeetha Sabha in Bangalore on Sunday evening (February 24, 2008).  ….. The Thani avardhanam by Vidwan V. Krishna on the mridangam and Omkara on the ghatam was rousing and their robust playing was well appreciated by the audience [South Indian Music Academy, Feb 24, 2008].

Two experienced percussionists V  Krishna and Rajendra Nakod demonstrated on Mridanga and Tabala, “Laya Vaividhya” – in Karnatic and Hindustani Styles [Deccan Herald, October 15, 2007].

Roopa and Haripriya, popularly known as Hyderabad sisters, gave a vocal duet at the festival on Sunday. They duo had Charulatha Ramanujan (violin), Prof V Krishna (mridangam) and N Amrith (khanjira) for accompaniment [Deccan Herald, January 29, 2007].

V Krishna (Mridanga) and Kalavathy Awadhoot demonstrated various methods of a mridanga accompaniment — accompanying for Varna (illustrated todi and Valachi Varna), compositions (Sri Shankara Guru, Palima, Eddu Barutare) Neraval, Tillana, etc. [Deccan Herlad, December 31, 2005].

R.A. Ramamani’s concert at Sri Kannika Parameshwari Temple, Malleshwaram, under the aegis of Nadajyothi Sri Thyagarajaswamy Bhajana Sabha filled the air with her robust voice and her felicitous odyssey into the mandra, madhya, and tara sthayis. ….. She was aptly backed up by C.N. Chandrasekhar (violin), V. Krishna (mridanga), and T.N.Ramesh (ghata) [May 4, 2005, The HIndu].

The second part of the morning was devoted to a laya-oriented demonstration by Bangalore K. Venkataram, well-known senior percussionist along with an ensemble consisting of Kalavathi Avadhoot and H. Geetha (vocal), V. Krishna (mridangam), Anoor Ananthakrishna Sarma (dolu), G. Guru Prasanna (ganjira), B. S. Arun Kumar (drums), Uday Raj Karpurkar (tabla), B. C. Manjunath (konnakkol), all of who were from Bangalore. The speaker mentioned that mridanga is the foremost among percussive instruments and explained the thematic content of his presentation which focussed on the role of different instruments in a percussion ensemble. The Viriboni varnam and Panchajanya (rhythmical pattern in five ragas and five nadais) were taken up for demonstration to exhibit the technique and the nuances employed in bringing out the liveliness of rhythmical aspects in such attempts [The Hindu, January 4, 2002].